KAV Portola Helmet - MitB

90-Day Risk Free Trial

At KAV we fit different. This is not a keep it in the box / as new return policy. Our custom fit bike helmets are made-to-order for you. We want you to go out and ride hard in your helmet. If after 90 days of receiving your 3D printed bike helmet it’s not the best fitting helmet you’ve ever experienced we will give a full refund.

100% Crash Replacement Program

Our crash replacement program has you covered. You receive a one-time 100% replacement of the same model during your entire five year warranty. Just send your helmet back to us so we can analyze it and make improvements if needed.

5 Year Warranty

We have the best warranty in the industry. Other brands offer one year limited coverage and say you need to replace a helmet every three years, not us! Every 3D printed bike helmet is covered by a five-year warranty from the date of purchase.


Why doesn't the KAV helmet have MIPS?

Why Hex and why it matters.

Is a 3D printed bike helmet safe?

What if I want to wear a cap or cut my hair, will my custom fit cycling helmet still fit?

What is the difference between the Portola and the Portola: Kaze?