Measure What You Want to Improve

Before we designed our first helmet, we made the equipment to test it. Existing impact rigs predate the first foam helmets and only measure acceleration of the headform. Our test rigs also measure the compression of the helmet allowing us to maximize impact energy absorption. It's the difference between knowing what happened and how to make it better.

Build a Better Helmet

Using the data from thousands of impacts, we were able to tune each section of the helmet. The density and hex structures vary by location to provide the best possible protection.

Exceeding the Standards on 3D printed Bike helmet safety

Certification is just the beginning — we strive for excellence. Our HEX HONEYCOMB STRUCTURE™, adopted from the aerospace industry, acts as a crumple zone, reducing impacts more effectively than any leading competitor.

3rd Party Bike Helmet Verified

To improve our in-house impact test rig and test procedures, we consulted with a variety of third-party labs that specialize in sport specific impact scenarios. We’ve incorporated their best practices at our Redwood City testing facility.

In-House 3d Printed Bike Helmet Safety Testing

During production, KAV helmets are subjected to a wide range of impact scenarios. To optimize protection, we assess impact absorbance depending on location, speed, head size, weight, and temperature. Additionally, each finished helmet is evaluated for non-impact related factors like head coverage, strap retention, and vent penetration.