Revolutionizing Helmet Safety with 3D Printing

Unveiling the Hex Honeycomb Structure™

At KAV, we're not just making helmets; we're shaping the future of helmet technology. Our Hex Honeycomb Structure™ is a testament to this innovative drive, breaking new ground in not just safety, but also providing unrivaled comfort and a custom fit.

3D Printing

The Powerhouse Behind Our Bike Helmet Technology

The genesis of our Hex Honeycomb Structure™ lies in the marvel of 3D printing. This groundbreaking technology has flung open the doors to design possibilities previously unimaginable. But how does this 3D printed bike helmet work to enhance your safety, you ask?

Well, 3D printing empowers us to construct a "crumple zone" within the helmet. Designed to compress significantly during an impact, this zone outperforms traditional helmets by nearly 3 times in absorbing impact, thereby reducing potential harm.

Hex Honeycomb Structure™

A Game-changer in Helmet Design

At the core of our pioneering approach is the Hex Honeycomb Structure™. Borrowing from nature's genius, we've utilized a minimal material volume to achieve maximum strength and lightness. The result? A helmet with impressive compression and shear properties despite its low density.

But the magic doesn't end there. Under normal conditions, the hexagonal design maintains rigidity. However, in the event of a crash, it collapses and crumples, absorbing the impact and safeguarding the wearer.

And we didn't stop with just a honeycomb design. We took it up a notch. With insights from thousands of impacts, we've tuned each section of the helmet for optimal comfort, fit, and protection. This means the density and hex structures vary by location, crafting a custom fit bike helmet that's truly tailored to you.

What about MIPS?

Ushering in a New Safety Paradigm

Our engineers have redesigned the bike helmet from the ground up. We have integrated the shearing component of MIPS into our helmets by the utilization of our proprietary Hex Honeycomb Structure™ which is anisotropic. This structure allows the helmet to shear when needed or compress when needed based on the impact eliminating the need for both MIPS or an extra layer.

custom fit & made for you

Portola: Kaze

So when you opt for a KAV helmet, you're not just picking a helmet. You're embracing a culture of innovation, safety, and superior design.

Ready to experience the difference?