Production: Made in the USA

At KAV Helmets, we're all about riding our bikes, but we're equally excited about something else: manufacturing our helmets right here in the USA. Yes, you read that right! Each KAV helmet is lovingly crafted in our home base of Redwood City, California. But why do we do it? What's the big deal about being "Made in the USA?" Let's dive in!

Local Love

Firstly, having our manufacturing process close to home lets us keep a keen eye on quality. Each KAV helmet is custom-made, starting with a one-on-one fit session to take your unique measurements. It's not just about making helmets - it's about making YOUR helmet, one that fits you perfectly, feels great, and looks awesome. And the best part? We get to know each customer by name, adding a personal touch that makes each helmet truly special.

Redefining 'Made in the USA'

"Made in the USA" is more than a label; it's a commitment. It's about embracing innovation, pursuing excellence, and challenging the status quo. When you see "Made in the USA" on a KAV helmet, it represents a helmet made with cutting-edge 3D printing technology that offers unrivaled safety and comfort. It shows our dedication to redefining what domestic manufacturing can be: technologically advanced, personalized, and sustainable.

Less Waste, More Planet

Speaking of sustainability, producing our helmets locally also means we're reducing waste and protecting our precious planet. We operate on a made-to-order model, which means no excess product and no unnecessary waste. By making helmets only when they are ordered, we eliminate the need for large inventories and the waste associated with unsold goods.

Towards Net Zero Emissions

What's more, we're committed to achieving net-zero emissions in our production line. "Net zero" might sound like a fancy term, but it simply means that we're working to balance the amount of greenhouse gases we produce with the amount we remove from the atmosphere. It's like a seesaw - we want to keep both sides level to keep our planet healthy.

We're making strides towards this goal every day. Our domestic production means we're not shipping helmets halfway around the world, significantly reducing carbon emissions. Plus, our manufacturing facility is designed to have a small footprint and use energy more efficiently.

Our Promise to You, and Our Planet

Every KAV helmet is a symbol of our promise to you and our planet. A promise to deliver a helmet that's not just custom-fitted and made with the latest technology, but also created with love and care for our environment.

When you choose a KAV helmet, you're not just choosing superior safety and comfort - you're supporting a better way of doing business, a way that values people, quality, and sustainability. So, next time you put on your KAV helmet, remember: it's more than just a helmet. It's a piece of the USA, made just for you.

Ready to experience the KAV difference? Explore our collection today and order your custom-fit helmet. Together, let's redefine 'Made in the USA' and ride towards a more sustainable future!