How it started

About Us

We are parents, athletes, stewards, and engineers. It’s our diversity and identities that compelled us to bring you KAV.

As parents we provide the ultimate protection in our helmets. First to obviate the series of concussions I experienced first hand in youth hockey and now in cycling, the most pervasive sport/activity on the planet. Our protective nature extends beyond our own kids - to all of you.

As athletes, we want high performance equipment that makes us look and feel great. We don’t want to have to compromise between fit and safety, or cooling and aerodynamics - we want it all.

As stewards of this planet, we strive for net zero emissions to leave the planet for future generations. The season for outdoor ice rinks is shrinking. More frequent wildfires and heat waves have started to limit cycling on the West Coast - unimaginable even a decade ago. We’re investing in making the delivery and manufacture of our products more efficient and our helmets more durable so that less ends up in the landfills.

Finally, we’re engineers and that enables us to take our identities as parents, athletes, and stewards and build something beautiful that makes each part of us proud. Our diversity as a company means we create helmets without compromise.