Custom in three steps:

1: Take your measurements

The virtual fit session itself takes about 15 minutes. During the session we’ll take 7 measurements.

2: Make adjustments

The next day, we'll ship you a 3D printed mold of your head.

This mold provides a clear picture of how the helmet fits and allows you to make any necessary adjustments for maximum comfort.

3: Make your helmet

After we get your thumbs up, we’ll make your helmet.

Adjusting the density and hex structures, we build a helmet specifically crafted for the contours of your head. The result is a protective shell that not only fits flawlessly but also offers superior protection where you need it most.


What is the custom process?

What are the measurements used to create a custom fit helmet?

What if the helmet doesn't fit correctly after I receive it?

I've never found a helmet that fits, will KAV work for me?

How long does the process take?

What if I mess up my measurements?

Do I need two fit kits if we live in the same household?