What else would VC choose for his first ride in his custom 3D printed Kaze but the


"This this course was so bumpy and so gnarly and so radical that without that retention strap, I was so worried that the helmet was gonna jostle around and fall off and be all crazy. That thing stayed on my head the whole time. No issues. Like I don't even remember wearing the helmet, that's what's so crazy."

Rock Cobbler Gravel Race Breakdown

Is this the best gravel racing course ever made? I absolutely think so. And in this cycling video I breakdown my gravel race of the rock cobbler 2023. I show you from a POV view point the entire race course and my commentary on how it went down.

"The Way it fit was so amazing and how it performed was so amazing."

As Tyler tells it, he’s an “average Joe” bike racer and a coincidental vegan who just happens to love making videos. This humble narrative belies his phenomenal success as a content creator and engaging storyteller. As “The Vegan Cyclist,”Tyler has developed one of the top cycling-based social media channels with 120,000 Subscribers on YouTube and 63,000 Followers on Instagram. He chronicles daily life, shares vegan recipes and cooking tips, brings viewers along for his boundless cycling adventures, and inspires others to ride.

Welcome The Vegan Cyclist to KAV!

Welcome The Vegan Cyclist to KAV!