KAV Winner of 2022 Design and Innovation Award

KAV Takes Road Equipment Prize

The KAV Portola Helmet continues to excel across the board in comfort, style, technology, and so much more. The Portola Helmet is a product of cutting-edge technology and innovative design, and we are thrilled to have this confirmed by the experts. The Portola has just been chosen as the 2022 Design and Innovation Award winner in the category of Road Equipment. KAV’s industry leading customization process and unique material blend has allowed it to soar past the competition and create a truly one-of-a-kind product. Each helmet begins its life with a one-on-one fit session with a KAV fitting specialist, and is designed and 3D-printed in Redwood City, California to fit the exact specifications and needs of its user. No uncomfortable pressure points, no irritating movement during your ride. Cycling as it should be. 


What are The Design and Innovation Awards? 

The Design and Innovation Awards are the most rigorous review process a piece of bike equipment can go through. More than two weeks of testing, discussion, and analysis go into each DIA review, as each product is evaluated in real-world conditions to ensure safety, durability, and comfort. If you would like to learn more about their methodology, click here. The DIA have been awarding the most innovative, forward-thinking products on the market for the past 9 years, and has separated itself from the pack as the most trusted seal of approval in the cycling sector. The 30-person team of DIA specialists takes each product on hundreds of miles of riding before passing judgment on any product, which allows them to accurately judge which products prevail over their competitors. KAV is honored to have won the DIA Road Equipment award for 2022, and we are confident that the KAV Portola Helmet has all the qualifications to continue to lead all others in modern functional design.