Road to Unbound 2023:


In the heartland of Kansas the gravel roads stretch for miles to meet the sky, calling riders from every corner of the world to test their endurance. Join Chelsea Bolton on her quest to conquer Unbound, the renowned 200-mile gravel race. From the grit of her training to the anticipation at the starting line, witness her unwavering dedication to overcoming every obstacle. Experience the highs and lows of an extraordinary journey that captures the true essence of determination.

“You just gotta keep your head up and keep going.”




"To be unbound is to be free"

It’s the spirit that 4,000 riders bring with them to the Flint Hills of Kansas for one weekend each spring; the spirit of an event that began with 34 participants in 2006 and now stands as the “World’s Premier Gravel Event.” And so it is fitting that the event and its organization, the one embodied by a limitless ethos that calls Emporia home, now has a name to match its ferocious spirit.”


Emporia Gazette